Research & Development Lab


As one of only a very few companies with access to a state-of-the-art dual-climactic testing chamber, Ezenics is uniquely positioned as a global leader in developing and fine-tuning advanced fault detection technologies. Access to the Research & Development Laboratory located in the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) at the University of Nebraska Omaha campus has enabled Ezenics and its strategic partners, such as Lennox International, Inc. to recreate real-world operational testing conditions in which to develop and fine-tune analytics prior to taking them to market. ensuring the highest possible quality and reliability.

Utilization of the R&D Lab has proven to nearly eliminate production and programming issues and therefore deliver impactful and reliable solutions with every implementation.

  • Over 250 Sensors on site to validate results and develop algorithms
  • Ability to simulate external and internal conditions and various faults
  • Opportunity to execute experiments to define unknowns and data correlations, which are then used to develop and improve algorithms
  • Able to test and tune FDD checks to ensure the highest accuracy and best possible sensitivity
  • Ability to determine the energy impact for various faults in different conditions
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