Research Grants & Awards

  • 2012 California Energy Commission – Public Interest Energy Resource (PIER) Grant
    • $1.5 million grant for FDD. 250 California sites and involvement from all major California utilities
    • The Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program California’s premier energy R&D program, advancing science and technology in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, advanced electricity technologies, energy-related environmental protection, and transmission and distribution, and transportation technologies.
    • To accomplish this, PIER enlists businesses, utilities, energy companies, public advocacy groups, and world-class scientists to bring to market energy technologies that provide environmental and economic benefits. 

  • ASHRAE Innovative Research Grant – Phase III FDD Research
    • The ASHRAE Innovative Research Grant was established to provide seed funding for novel research deemed to have the potential to significantly advance the state-of-the-art in heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration engineering. The idea is to encourage out-of-the-box research to complement the research proposed and guided by technical committees.

  • 2010 Buildy Award – Technology Specific Category
    • Awarded for the Creation of the Demand Optimizer

  • 2009 Buildy Award – Best Building Connectivity Implementation
    • Presented to the integrator, building owner or consultant with the most progressive building, supporting the vision of whole building integration and intelligent buildings.

  • 2006 Technical Insights – Frost and Sullivan's European Excellence in Technology of the Year Award
    • Recognizes companies that have exhibited exemplary achievements in strategies and processes, and whose vision served as a catalyst in generating world-class performance within their industries.

  • 2006 innovaLazio – Italian Regional Innovation Award
    • A project conceived by Filas and aimed at providing recognition to the most innovative enterprises in the region.

  • 13 in 2013 – 2013 Smart Grid Companies to Watch Nomination

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