Traditional facility management methods, such as periodic, on-site retrocommissioning or reactively responding to building automation systems' alarms and incoming hot/cold calls are insufficient for achieving true, optimized efficiency and savings.

  On-site retrocommissioning is a costly, manual, and often infrequently employed process that results in a static report of building systems' performance at the time when it was conducted. And, simply responding to alarms and hot/cold calls only accomplishes reactive issue resolution and doesn't necessarily identify the real, "hidden" reasons why machines are operating inefficiently or ideal conditions aren't being met. No one complains about being "too comfortable", and reactively fixing symptoms without investigating their root causes can result in reoccurring issues and decreased equipment life.  

The Ezenics platform is the ultimate in automated, cloud-based facility management software solutions, continuously analyzing and proactively optimizing building systems across global portfolios in real-time according to clients' maintenance, energy, comfort, and sustainability business goals.

  Unlike on-site retrocommissioning, the Ezenics platform does not require any on-site visits (or additional hardware to be implemented), and its analytics run continuously, always generating low-cost, high-value results. The platform can also be used to validate and correct issues in response to alarms and incoming hot/cold calls with its reporting and integrated controls, but even more valuable are its abilities to proactively identify and prioritize those issues before anyone notices them and to diagnose and respond to the root causes of why they're happening in the first place, preventing the symptomatic issues from reappearing and extending equipment life.  

With over 450 million square feet (41.8 million square meters) of facility space optimized and 36.8 billion data points being collected from disparate and varied building systems and sensors, such as HVAC, power, lighting, refrigeration, and weather stations per week via an array of protocols and methods, the Ezenics platform has proven itself to be highly scalable and agnostically integrable for client building portfolios of every size and configuration...

  ...ranging from individual locations with site-specific optimization goals to multi-national corporations needing to efficiently summarize, compare, and pinpoint the highest-value opportunities across thousands of diverse buildings.  



  The Ezenics platform offers a wide range of automated, cloud-based facility management software solutions that provide robust, actionable analytics and automated commissioning; verification of operational compliance with client-defined business rules; manual and automated corrective control capabilities; asset management; analytics-driven dynamic energy optimization, automated peak load management, and facility optimization strategies; flexible, long-range, aggregated key performance indicators reporting and trending; in-depth analyses and investigative tools for engineers; and a comprehensive mobile solution that is specifically designed to support and enhance the productivity of on-site technicians.

Companies across numerous industries and business segments utilize Ezenics solutions to:

    Optimize building performance        Enhance energy efficiency        Reduce carbon emissions  
    Extend equipment life           Improve occupancy comfort            Decrease maintenance costs  
    Diminish energy consumption and peak demand            Outsource maintenance management


Automated Fault Detection, Diagnosis, and Impact™ (AFDDI™)
The premier fault detection system available to facility managers and building operators today. Diagnose, summarize, and prioritize the root causes of issues affecting building performance and their financial impact.
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Operational Guidelines™ (OG™)
Verify operational compliance with client-defined business rules, setpoints, and schedules; correct inconsistencies; and manage assets.
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Automated Demand Management & Demand Response
Automatically reduce peak demand while maintaining occupancy comfort and capitalize on utility incentives for Demand Response.
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Renewable Energy Generation and Predictive Load Modeling
Enable more efficient and effective management of electric load and renewable energy sources with highly accurate forecasting models.
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Power Quality Analytics
Identify and resolve issues with power quality before they lead to severe issues with mechanical, electrical, and sensitive computing systems.
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Measurement & Verification
Compare actual energy metrics with Ezenics's robust and highly-accurate baseline models to identify and investigate periods of irregular energy usage.
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Enterprise Optimization Platform (EOP)
Visualize and compare building health and efficiency across your entire portfolio, identify where conditions are outside of acceptable key performance indicator thresholds, and prioritize and provide authority to resolve high-impact, actionable issues. Read about the EOP >>
Ezenics Mobile
The power of Ezenics enterprise-level facility optimization solutions in the palm of your hands.
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Ezenics provides both software and services, and implementations are tailored to suit the diverse needs of partners and clients, whether that includes only implementing the automated software solutions or utilizing more of the Ezenics engineers' in-depth expertise, providing investigative reports of high-value opportunities and consulting services. In either case, the Ezenics platform is provided complete with Ezenics's vast, comprehensive library of laboratory-tested and globally fine-tuned analytics, allowing clients to take advantage of the combined research and knowledge of Ezenics engineers and facility engineering teams across the world right out-of-the-box to achieve immediate results.

Consulting Services
Contact Ezenics Consulting Services for a wide range of services, including organization of your portfolio's assets, strategy analyses, and on-site consulting, commissioning, and energy audits.
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