Automated Fault Detection, Diagnosis, and Impact™ (AFDDI™)

The Ezenics AFDDI™ is the premier fault detection system available to facility managers and building operators today, providing actionable results prioritized by the client's business rules and comprehensive financial impact reporting that drives facility management and optimization decisions. The AFDDI™'s powerful diagnostics, refined by years of research, engineering expertise, and real-world implementation across the globe, enable managers to save energy and reduce maintenance costs by identifying early signs of equipment and control inefficiencies and failure and then presenting the results and potential solutions to enable a rapid and accurate solution implementation.

The AFDDI™ applies advanced analytics to building systems' data and identifies the "invisible issues" that are occurring on a device or between devices within a location. The types of issues that AFDDI™ identifies require complex algorithms to detect; they are not simple alarms being reported from a device but are issues that can only be found by analyzing the behavior and interactions of one or many data points over time. The prioritized results that AFDDI™ analytics provide represent significant savings for facility managers in regards to reduction of maintenance costs, reduction of energy consumption and its associated costs, increased productivity, and extended equipment life.


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