Automated Demand Management & Demand Response

The Ezenics Automated Demand Management solutions continuously predict and avoid peak electricity demand charges by enacting and dynamically adjusting load shed strategies based on real-time equipment health, facility operations, and energy pricing. These dynamic strategies are driven by the integrated Ezenics AFDDI™, which provides real-time assessment of equipment health and facility operational conditions and enables the deployment of aggressive curtailment strategies without adversely impacting occupancy comfort. The dynamic, AFDDI™-driven strategies can be easily scaled across building portfolios and managed centrally, providing significant monetary benefit to the customer.

The Ezenics Automated Demand Management solutions have been implemented at over 500 facilities across the United States, totaling 65M+ ft2 and have achieved $6.1M in annual realized savings from electricity costs, equating to 6-15% savings off of annual electric utility bills.



With other DR solutions, load is often shed through implementation of pre-determined, static control strategies. However, if these control strategies involve equipment with efficiency, failure, or communication issues, then those issues can prevent the strategies from being successful. The integration of the Ezenics DR solution with Ezenics AFDDI™ makes it possible to dynamically adjust curtailment strategies and also manage many DR events, vendors, and facilities simultaneously. With AFDDI™ keeping an active watch over your portfolio, the current state of equipment and environment within each building is instantly assessable, making it possible for the DR solution to automatically adjust strategies accordingly. This enables aggressive, dynamic load curtailment strategies that maximize DR event performance, bidding potential, and incentives while ensuring that comfort will not be adversely affected. Ezenics's Demand Response Optimization Solutions can provide your facilities with:

  • Centralized Demand Response Management
  • Performance Measurement and Verification
  • Real-time Live Event Analytics and Reporting
  • Open ADR Integration
  • Automated Demand Response Control and Optimization



The Ezenics Peak Load Management (PLM) solution recognizes the dual importance of reducing demand on the grid during critical times and reducing peak demand to lessen the monthly utility bill. Managing demand in your portfolio can represent a significant opportunity to save energy costs.

The Ezenics AFDDI™-driven PLM solution is able to achieve high net savings because money does not need to be spent fixing faults in order for the strategies to perform and achieve quantifiable results. The strong, integrated interdependence between the Ezenics PLM and Ezenics AFDDI™ solutions maximizes the balance between energy and comfort, while ultimately assisting in avoiding unnecessary utility charges.



Ezenics's dynamic Economic Load Control solution utilizes real-time energy pricing to maximize the monetary benefit of reducing demand and consumption during the highest-priced energy periods.


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