Enterprise Optimization Platform (EOP)


The Ezenics Enterprise Optimization Platform (EOP) integrates the powerful features of the Ezenics Facility Optimization Solutions, including the AFDDI™, OG™, and Measurement & Verification Tools to provide high-level, aggregated views of building systems' health and efficiency along with targeted, flexible prioritization of issues according to clients' facility maintenance, comfort, and energy optimization goals. The unified platform meets the needs of users ranging from enterprise-level executives to facility engineers and accommodates building portfolios of every size and configuration.

Obtain fast answers to high-level business questions, such as:

  • "How much savings has been achieved from the baseline?"
  • "Is overall energy efficiency improving or getting worse?"
  • "How comfortable is the building portfolio?"

Prioritize and target areas of interest based on your business rules:

  • "Where are the most inefficient energy consumers?"
  • "Where are the most severe and highest impact issues occurring?"
  • "Which high-priority areas are the furthest from meeting setpoints?"

Identify where conditions are outside of acceptable thresholds and investigate the reasons:

  • Apply ad-hoc thresholds, display color ranges, and filter for custom location and machine OG™ Tags to visually identify underperforming areas
  • Open the AFDDI™ and OG™ reporting tools via contextual links for related analytics reports, related data point trend graphing, engineer-prescribed solutions, and more.

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