Ezenics Mobile


Ezenics Mobile is specifically designed to support and enhance the productivity of on-site technicians by providing critical information and refined, "on-the-go" access to Ezenics's enterprise-level Facility Optimization Solutions.

  • Detect your location via GPS, scan an Ezenics QR code Asset Tag on the machine in front of you, or search for and select any asset managed by Ezenics to instantly find out everything that there is to know about it
  • Download floorplans, service manuals, and other content related to locations and machines
  • Keep asset information and photos up-to-date by editing from your mobile device
  • Identify, diagnose, and solve issues being reported by the Ezenics AFDDI™ and OG™ analytics with Ezenics embedded diagnostics information
  • Receive Demand Management notifications when active load shed is being performed on facilities and equipment
  • View and update work orders through agnostic work order management system integration
  • View and control machine setpoints with your mobile device via agnostic BMS integration

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