Measurement & Verification

Establishing the baseline energy usage (electricity, gas, water, etc.) of a facility provides a means to predict its normal usage based on various factors, including weather conditions, facility operation, equipment condition, and the time of day. In addition, by comparing the actual demand or usage to the baseline model, energy managers can assess the impact of implemented efficiency measures and detect periods of irregular energy usage.

In comparison with traditional methods, Ezenics's robust, proprietary energy baseline models achieve a superior level of accuracy (<5% average error versus 10-15% with traditional or alternative methods), providing our clients with highly accurate and reliable analyses.

Traditional Baseline Methodology   Ezenics Baseline Methodology
  • Linear regression models for consistent energy conditions; non-linear characteristics of data are not taken into account

  • Relies only on outside air conditions-related variables; additional variables that can cause significant impact on baseline models are not included

  • Average % error: 10-15%
  • Optimized algorithms account for both linear and non-linear patterns of energy demand and fluctuations based on pertinent variables and applied weights

  • Utilization of additional correlated variables beyond weather conditions allows Ezenics baseline models to achieve much greater accuracy

  • Average % error: <5%


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