Operational Guidelines™ (OG™)

The Ezenics Operational Guidelines™ (OG™) solution performs constant monitoring of setpoints and schedules on a wide variety of equipment types, ensuring the continued success of well-designed efficiency strategies through policy deviation detection, impact assignment, and comprehensive asset management tools.

Building use and conditions are constantly evolving, often requiring quick, temporary modifications to control settings in order to ensure occupant satisfaction, accommodate changing loads, and mitigate maintenance issues. If these changes are forgotten or left unchecked, they can potentially mask other issues, decrease energy efficiency, and persist long after the need for them has expired. Being able to detect and correct setpoints that have been changed and identify devices that are operating outside of guidelines is critical to increasing efficiency and realizing savings.

The OG™ performs continuous, automated commissioning of building systems and reports exceptions when it identifies that BMS (Building Management System) programming does not comply with the approved operational guidelines™. These guidelines are standard rules that are defined by a client that specify how and when building systems should operate. This continuous comparison of desired operation to actual operation ensures that actual setpoints (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.); schedules (lighting, fans, AHUs, etc.); and strategies (Demand Management, ventilation, and humidity control) are implemented as designed and operating as intended, enabling significant savings through either manual, quick, easy fixes or automated fixes via the OG™'s integrated controls.


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