Power Quality Analytics

As non-linear, microprocessor-based devices such as computer power supplies, lighting ballasts, LED lighting, and variable speed drives become more common within facilities, harmonic distortions and voltage disruptions may begin to occur. Proactive resolution of these power quality issues is important because if left unchecked, they can eventually lead to severe problems such as telecommunications and/or computer interference; equipment overheating; decreased performance and eventual failure in motors, transformers, or neutral conductors; power factor correction equipment deterioration; UPS and generator systems malfunction; metering problems; overvoltages; flickering lights; and erratic operation of breaker fuses and relays.


Ezenics Power Quality Analytics identify:

  • Harmonic Distortions
  • Harmonics at which the Most Caustic Distortions Occur
  • Overvoltages and Undervoltages
  • Voltage Imbalances
  • Power Interruptions
  • Voltage Noise
  • Power Surges

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